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When people hear about coaching, they often think of a sports team. This isn’t much different. When I take on the role of a coach, I will actively listen to your thoughts and get a deeper understanding of how you think as well as what your goals and personal vision is.

I work on a simple principle for individuals and companies we need to know, like and trust each other for you to achieve your next step. When coaching, I am helping you or your company prepare for what is coming. Together we will provide a way for not only you to reach your goals but your team and your company.

The key thing to remember is that coaching is not about me, it’s all about you and unlocking that potential and extra that we all have within us.

There are two different types of coaching I can do.

  • Individual coaching where I will provide one on one consultation all in a confidential coaching environment.
  • Group coaching. This can be done two different ways. Either smaller full day seminars covering the topics in 1 day or over a number of weeks in bitesize sessions.


Public Speaking

These short events are packed full of information that will help every single person on your team. Each speaking event is tailor made to your company’s specific needs.

Some of the things included at these events are:

  • A brief get to know you. This will be a 10 minute session of explaining what I will be doing as well as your roll in the entire event.
  • I can do training seminars on 6 separate key learning tracks – Communication, Influence, Leadership, Growth, Success and Potential
  • Together we can do company client seminars and help everyone involved gain a better knowledge of company goals and add value to your clients letting you add more referrals and value to your company.

Alongside coaching and public speaking, another service I offer is training. I will come to your company and train each member you designate in methods to improve your company. I will incorporate education as well as brainstorm with team members on how to better advance the company. This will sharpen each individual’s business skills as well as the team’s skills of working together. 


Be the master behind the mind

Every great company needs a great leader. Those leaders need to have a particular energy about them that induces the same kind of excite from their teams and team members. That is when you will become a mastermind.

Masterminding groups helps strengthen—not only your personal skills—but your professional ones as well. Mastermind groups help expand education and the group setting helps bring new and fresh ideas to your table. They will also be a great way of offering different perspectives.

There are numerous benefits of Mastermind groups.

These are the top three:

  • It will bring you together with link minded individuals with one common goal . . . to increase and improve yourself
  • You will gain honest feedback as well as advice and new ideas.
  • You will strengthen your business skills as well as the skills of working within a team.

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns are rapidly becoming the best ways for companies to improve the quality of their team members as well as increase overall productivity.

In most cases, the lunch and learn program can run between thirty to forty minutes. It is during these times that you can gain a quick, but intense round of training. They often happen during your lunch hour. Your company will provide lunch while employees learn the ins and outs of the business. This is a great way of adding value to your teams without impacting productivity. It also allows you to see a training session sample before you decide on the best way to move forward.



Seminars are a half day, full day or 2 days event covering in detail one of the 6 learning tracks. It’s an ideal way of fast tracking your learning and is mostly on weekends so that you have minimum disruption to your working week. Again this is for both individuals and companies and quickly lets people upskill in 1 event.

The half day seminars are focused on communication training and based on the learning of John C Maxwell who I am accredited with. This session is called Everybody communicates, Few Connect. It will allow individuals or team to learn how to efficiently operate and work in the company as one, cohesive unit.

For the all day and 2 day seminars this will be around either the Growth or Leadership learning tracks. These include full lunch, additional keynote speakers and will definitely upskill, add real value and often change people’s life.

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