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What is the difference between a life coach and a business coach?

The name 'life coach' covers a wide range of areas but within this a life coach Sussex will focus solely on you as the individual and the goals that you want to achieve over a period that you determine. The Life coach is only their too guide, listen and support you by unlocking your current subconscious issues that have been stopping you from achieving your goals already. These goals could be a gym routine, a weight loss programme, a sports goals, a career goal, a savings goal etc. anything that would allow you to better yourself.

With a business coaches Sussex its can be more about the expertise in the business world and the understanding of how a business works to review and make recommendations with a project or business plan on how to move forward. This could include leadership training, executive coaching, sales training, process reviews etc that takes the business forward. Coaching for business includes entrepreneurs, small and medium sized company owners, managers or even employees.

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Types of Coaching Services we offer:

Life Coach Sussex. We will provide 1 on 1 dedicated coaching with you to understand what are you looking to achieve, improve or change. These sessions are 1 hour long and will be solely about you. You can choose these sessions to be over the phone, face to face, via Skype or a mixture of all to suit you. During the life coach Sussex sessions I will ask you a number of questions, such as what you want to get out of life, what areas you're unhappy with and where you'd like to see yourself ending up. A life coach Sussex will work with you but it's often up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain ideas so that together we can help you move forward with your goal. We will never force anybody to make decisions they don't feel comfortable with and all sessions will be 100% confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately. Life coaching will be a partnership between you and your life coach Sussex, who will encourage you to dig deep and explore how to make those positive changes in your life. During your coaching contract we will also offer support and touch base with you to help you to stay focused on your goals.

Our Coaching Ethos is:


We all have a different perspectives of life and the world through our social conditioning - we respect that no one perspective is 'right' or 'wrong', but we do understand that through life we develop some perspectives that are restrictive and can stop you from becoming who you want to be.


Nothing is unachievable and it's just a matter of adjusting the limits of your own perspective. With the help of life coach Sussex we can help you to open your mind if you wish.


This is key so you can understand coaching as there is a difference between a mentor and a guide. A mentor will show a person exactly what to do, whereas our coaching provides the tools and support you need to do something for yourself and this gives lasting results. A life coach is a guide, not an instructor.

Executive Coach Sussex.

We are building a strong reputation of developing the next level of leadership and growing leaders within organisations. Irrespective of the business, sector, seniority of leader or geography we can bespoke packages for you and your organisation. We can help you understand and develop the behaviour and leadership skills needed for today and future proof your business. With a combined approach of leadership training and executive coach Sussex we deliver succession options up to main board through focused executive coaching for key talent and high potentials. We will help transform your managers into leaders so you and your teams can feel the impact, presence and self-awareness to shape a lasting culture.


Business Coach Sussex.

Business coaching is a process where we take a business from where it is now to where the business wants it to be. A business coach Sussex will work with and guide the business owners or leaders in developing and growing their business often by helping them clarify the goals and vision of their business and how it fits in with the current set-up and performance of the company. Making sure that the vision is foremost is often missed by most business coaches, while they try to solve the issues within the business, while doing this they are missing the goals of the business owner altogether. At business coach Sussex we look to understand why reaching business these growth goals is important to the leadership team or business owners and what is the impact it will have on them personally. It is ultimately the business owner that decides the speed and drive in which the goals are met and if it is not linked to the business owner's dreams, goals and plans for themselves, then their will be no driving passion for the success. After we clarify where the business owner would like to take their business, business coaching Sussex will work closely to help strategise and put in place priorities so that the goals and strategies are time-bound, relative and achievable. This then makes the plan and actions accountable. A business coach Sussex will meet face to face with the business owner/leadership team on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly, to keep them on track to the actions and goals made during the past coaching session.

Just to reiterate that a business coach Sussex is not a consultant. They will not do the work for you in your business this is where your own accountability will be key to the success of moving your business and its goals forward. We are here to remind you why it is important and keep you focussed. We will motivate you to keep your commitments and question you on successes and failures regarding them. With our experience we can act as a business sounding board and when needed and can hold a mirror in front of you sometimes highlighting your business blind spots.


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Training Services

Working with 6 key learning systems I can ensure that you or your team will walk away from each session with a higher skill level. Training can be either group or individual led and bespoke to your own needs. We focus our training mainly in West Sussex and Hampshire.

Learning Systems

My learning systems are accredited and taught around the world and focus on the following - Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Influencing Skills, Growth and REAL success.

These learning systems are developed to maximise an individual after 1 training session and help transform a business, team or group so that their performance, success and outcome is significantly better than before.

Leadership Workshops

Is your working week so hectic that you don't have time to spend 1 hour learning new skills then come and spend a ½, full day or 2 days with me and other like minded individuals so that you can up-level your life. These sessions are spent on teaching on the 6 core learning systems and guarantees that you will walk away up-skilled.

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My Coaching and Training Consultation - Unique Approach.

My initial consultation and review with you is always free. Only after we have determined the value that I can add to you or your organisation do we agree a plan on how to move forward. Within organisations I offer a unique 360 review before starting any training, spending up to a day with you to understand your people, business and can then discuss with you the next steps - THIS IS TOTALLY FREE. After any training I will then spend the day on the job with the team embedding the learning so that they and you as an organisation can have maximum benefit.

Grow your people - Grow your business.

As an accredited team member of the John Maxwell school of leadership and communication I have the ability and support to help and motivate individual to a higher learning and achievement. If you are looking to grow your career, looking to improve the communication with friends or family, looking for your business to improve then through our learning systems we can support you through the next phase of your journey and beyond.

Whilst working with various companies both locally and internationally I have seen amazing results that have allowed people to achieve goals they never thought were possible and businesses to achieve improvements they said could be done.

As an example in 2017 I helped a struggling sales team who said that the wanted to grow by 15% but couldn't keep staff, didn't see productivity improvements and morale was low. After a number of group and individual coaching and teaching sessions they started to quickly improve and by the end of the year they had grown revenue by 44% year on year. All this was achieved by putting the focus back on the people, developing the managers into leaders and empowering the team to take ownership. All I did was unlock the potential in each person.

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