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About Me

Welcome to my About Me section. This is the spot for you to learn, well, all about me. I have been in the business of coaching and helping various business leaders for nearly two decades. Not only have I helped leaders and business owners, I have effectively helped their teams reach their maximum potential. However, that is not all I have done.

When I am working with different individuals, I apply different methods as well as skills into my sessions. I used my business experience as well as mentoring and leadership knowledge to help everyone accomplish, not only their goals, but exceed their expectations.

As a part of my methods, I offer a wide variety of opportunities for you and your company to expand your knowledge. I can offer you things such as workshops and coaching as well as keynote speaking and a wide variety of seminars. By offering these services, I can help strengthen not only your leadership organizational skills but those of your team as well. When delivering each of these methods, I challenge everyone involved causing an end result that will blow your mind.

I have a vast background in business ranging from start-up companies to fifteen years in recruitment solution sales. When I was in that position, it was my job to coach and provide mentorship to help increase various company’s efficiency as well as train under-performing managers and different departments.

I have worked with widely known companies in the travel, leisure, recruitment and motor industry and company’s sizes from Start-ups to Large Corporate companies. My job as always is to help develop their coaching methods and over all improve their turnaround performance of the business and individuals with the clear mantra – grow your people, grow your business.

People should be able to reach whatever goals they have set for themselves or their companies. This is where I come in. By working with individuals, small groups and even large companies, I help them reach their true potential.

I not only work locally, but I’ve spent many hours traveling abroad, helping companies in foreign countries reach the same goals. Helping people establish their businesses and learn rolls to increase productivity through positive leadership is my main goal. It is important that all businesses succeed, and this has to start with every individual in the company working together as a cohesive team moving in one direction. I am here to provide that direction.

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